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How Mental Health Guides Help You Feel Better Now

    A mental health guide holding the hand of another person

    How can a mental health guide help you? How is a guide different from a therapist? Here’s some basic info; contact us to learn more and discuss your specific needs.

    The biggest difference between mental health guides and therapists is that guides are not medical or mental health professionals. They are not qualified to diagnose or treat mental illnesses or give medical advice. They do not have the education or experience that licensed professionals do.

    Mental health guides aren’t trained experts; they are just people who can relate to your struggles. They have found ways to cope with and overcome challenges in their own lives and want to help others do the same. They accompany you as you go through hard times, share simple things they do to feel better, and help you figure out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. They walk with you as you take steps to create the life you want. Your mental health guide communicates with you via phone calls, texts, and/or emails at times you schedule in advance.

    Mental health guides listen when you need to talk. They suggest coping strategies that have helped them deal with and recover from painful experiences, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and other challenges. They empathize with your struggles and walk beside you as you take steps toward the life you want.

    So if you need a trustworthy companion to help you get through hard times and figure out your next steps, please reach out.